Several months ago I received a stack of  sermon CDs from your church. I didn’t immediately listen to them and instead, kept them in my work drawer for several more months. 

It wasn’t until I got into a conversation one day with the lady who gifted me with the pack of CDS from Redemption Church who got into a conversation with me about Jesus. It was then that the seeds got watered. I could hear the Lord sending a message to me loud and clear. This petite but very spiritually strong lady got my attention.

She spoke so passionately about God and your church and especially Pastor Joshua, that I could not help but pay attention. That day I took that stack of red and white cd’s home and slid one into my cars cd player. The sermon playing was Pastor Joshua preaching about the Spirit of Fear and overcoming it. It really hit home.  

And so a daily routine started. Listening to preaching’s to and from work. Sometimes repeating the ones that really hit home. 

Nevertheless, it resulted in me, sitting and thinking about God. And where I had let go. It was enough for me to now start rebuilding my relationship with God.  

I have moved to PE since but still listen to the word from Redemption Church through the app. 

I must compliment your church and leadership for inspiring your members. Who in turn touch lives out there.