My husband received the grace message in 2015 from reading about Ps Prince then he started following Ps Prince on social media and it led to him downloading his sermons. That is when his life changed. Kgotso become so attached to the Grace message and would always declare that he the righteousness of God through Christ because his father’s church was law based and always preached condemnation.

So after his dad went to be with the Lord (February 2018) we made a decision to leave the church and this caused problems in our marriage as he felt that he failed his father by not taking over the church. What frustrated him the most is that everytime he was given the opportunity to preach at church he would preach Grace, the problem was that this week would be Grace and the next would be condemnation. We then went to his mom and told her and she was livid. This was in August 2018.

In September we were looking for a church that we could make our spiritual home and he was not feeling fulfilled at the church I would go to and I felt the same about the church he was attending, so we ended up attending separate churches and that broke us silently. In November I got fed up and I told him that I cannot live a life separate from him and allow the devil room in our marriage. So we sat down and spoke and reached a decision that we need a church that we will attend as a family, then he was surfing the net and while watching pastor Prince service he saw Ps Josh and he was excited and because we were busy praying for a spiritual home immediately we had rest and decided to attend our first service on the 2nd of December.

We woke up early that morning at arrived at church at 8am and the way we were welcomed was amazing, I literally told him then and there that I want this to be our home. We then stayed in the main auditorium for praise and worship and after we headed to the family room where we met an amazing woman Ps Chelsea Williamson. She confirmed the love we received from the entrance. She gave us information about the church and how things work and that make me so happy.

The following weekend Ps Suzanne was preaching and the prayer for hormonal imbalances and immediately the pain I was experiencing left. I had been living with a big lump in my left breast for 15 years which was not cancerous, I would always pray that Jesus as you are in heaven, so am I in this world and I would pinch the lump while praying. On this day not only did the menstrual pain leave my body but my lump left too. I would share with my husband every Sunday night that I always feel like something is leaving my body every day we at church and that drove us to attending two services per Sunday.

Things have been doing 360° turns and I’m in awe of what God is doing in our lives. Our marriage was broken and a mess, I didn’t believe we would ever draw to each other ever again. I downloaded the App and would soak in the sermons Ps Tara shared … oh my God, the restoration in our marriage is so shocking. Ps Tara allowed God to use her to personally deal with ME and I appreciate it, I sincerely cannot wait for more of her sermons. So many of us need to hear from her.

We have joined a regroup and we literally now feel like we have been at Redemption Church for five years. I cannot wait to grow more and experience more of Gods love for us.