I was brought up in a Full Gospel Church in CT, with my mom as the Sunday School teacher – fully under law. 

Beside being taught all the 10 commandments, tithing 10% was part of my upbringing.  God has ALWAYS blessed me financially as I have grown in my career, because I believe the principle still apply, even if I WAS giving under law, I was scared that if I didn’t, all would be taken away!  I rebelled after the age of 30 and into my ‘Baptist’ married years… and stopped tithing. 

Fast forward to 2017 when I joined Redemption… I was GOBSMACKED to hear you say one Sunday that the Holy Spirit was given to convict us of our righteousness! I nearly burst out laughing that Sunday, as I was SURE you got it wrong.  Holy Spirit convicts me of my SIN!  Surely!!  I’m so transformed understanding God’s Grace now….  

After my divorce in 2014 (Husband had an affair with a young lady, then after trying to do counselling our way through a law based church – he has a second affair and filed for divorce). 

In 2015 I joined a Cosmetics Company as a Marketing and Key Accounts Manager with the promise of company incentive based on profit sharing.  I hit my budget and exceeded each year… but no bonus was paid. 

After sitting under your teaching on grace for the past 2 years… I, on my own, decided to start tithing from November last year. With unbelievable odds, making budget and major profit again and again. Our company then went up for sale and  I was certain there was definitely NO bonus or profit sharing again this year.  We were sold… BUT, I got a paycheck well over the hundred thousands  (before Tax) in June this year.  WOW!  God is SO faithful.  

SO grateful and just amazed at God’s favor and Grace over my life… AND I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!! 

I get a call from the EX OWNER of the Cosmetics company  on my cell phone, all the way from Dubai just before 25th July… to say THANK YOU for all I have done for the business and making it so successful, he could sell it for a small fortune.  As a sign of his appreciation, he wished to give me another couple of hundred thousands as a form of gratitude. 

Oh how our God gives abundantly, beyond all we could think or imagine. I serve a loving and GIVING GOD !  Out of HIS abundance.. NOT my own! 

THANK YOU PASTOR JOSHUA for being obedient to the Lord, Im 44 years old and for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I am living free of Guilt, shame, condemnation and feeling unworthy to be His child.