In the last couple of months, it felt like I was losing my grip on everything around me.

I had lost 2 friends to suicide in a short period of time, and with new responsibilities and tasks at work, I soon found myself placed on Anti-depressants and anxiety medication.

Sleeping was getting harder and harder, and I had very little motivation for anything other than waking up, getting to work and going back to bed. 

I have struggled with insomnia for a while now, and was lucky to get 5 hours of sleep within a week,

I was in a place where all I could see were the things that went wrong, instead of focusing on God’s hand of protection, when I had an accident, all I saw was that I had an accident.

Instead of focusing on the amazing and supernatural provision over this past year, I got stuck on the fact that all my savings had been stolen.

In the last week of me taking Anti-Depressants, I started listening to the “Peace, Purpose, Power” sermons on repeat, and fervently praying in tongues because I felt so lost, so broken, and so alone.

The day after I took my last anti depressant, I slept. peacefully and uninterrupted. I have been having 5-6 hours of sleep everyday since.

I have felt more joy and peace being off the medication than I did when I was on them.

I have never been so well rested, so happy, and so energised and excited to see what God has in store of me.  

It feels like the weight of anxiety has been lifted and the stresses of tomorrow don’t phase me. I am in the mindset of “I am going to give all that worry, stress, anger and hurt over to Him, I mean He is going to be up all night anyway.

Starts singing*
“You have turned my mourning into dancing, You have turned my sorrow into joy!”